Trance Services

In-Person Trance Session$197

A session is about an hour long, customized just for you. Do you want to learn how to relax on demand? Or maybe kick an annoying habit. There are no limits here...

In-Person Trance Session Package$497

A power package of 3 in-person trance sessions. Recommended for permanent change.

Hypnotic Relaxation Audio$27 (Free with any session or package)

30 minute mp3 audio for deep relaxation and private trance. FREE with any personalized session or package.

Remote Skype Session$197

A trance session of about an hour, done over Skype. For those too far away for an in-person session. A good internet connection, web cam, microphone, and headphones are required.

Remote Skype Session Package$497

A package of 3 Skype sessions. Same technical requirements as above.

Gateway to Pleasure Audio$47 (Includes Relaxation Audio)

A package of 2 audios. Includes the relaxation audio and an audio session designed to enhance your perception of pleasure and sensation.

Ready to Experience Trance?

Learn to relax in a profound way. Open up to powerful changes that you desire.