The Power of Touch

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine concerning touch and how it can be used to create submission. During this conversation, I thought of what I do and how I do it in regard to power exchange. After the conversation, I began to test and observe the results of touch.

The conclusion should not have been surprising, but I was astounded anyway.

I’ve identified the components in order to be very purposeful when comes to using touch to interact.

1. Intent. What you intend is projected in the touch. I have taken the exact same kind of touch, changed my intent, and the reaction of the touchee changed to match. This is what happens when you have rapport with the other person. Your intentions shine through. One of the most common complaints I hear from women is that men only touch them when they want sex. So they build walls that prevent them from enjoying touch from men.

2. Physical Contact (the touch itself). How you touch someone conveys the intent and provides for them a pleasant experience when done correctly. I tend to use very light touch and change pressure to communicate intent or to vary things in an enjoyable way. The wonderful thing about people is their uniqueness. You have to be on your game each time to do it well. And that brings me to…

3. Feedback and Adjustment. Observe the reactions to your touch and adjust the touch to modify the reaction and to better convey the intent. And this is how you can change emotion and move people (or bend them to your will…).

I know. What I wrote sounds awfully sterile and scientific. So I shall provide an example.

I recently met with a friend. We had some nice conversation and she spoke of how stressful life was at the moment. So I reached out and began to lightly touch her neck. It stopped her from talking and she totally forgot what she was saying. My initial intent was to touch her pleasantly and make her feel better. It worked. She said, after a few minutes, that my touch was better than the professional massage that she recently had. So… she was now relaxed and receptive to my touch. I decided to see what I could do by just changing intent. So I intended to turn her on. To bring out her submissiveness. And her reaction changed immediately. She shuddered and lightly moaned. Oh my. All I was doing was lightly touching her neck. So I moved up slightly and lightly pulled her hair. Louder moans. I went back to the neck, and leaned in and whispered “you’re mine.” More moans and a slight nod of the head. Yes, indeed, she was mine at that moment. Being the tease that I am, I sent her home horny and wanting. I imagine that she had some quality alone time.

No beatings required. No chains. Pure will, intent, and observation. And a beautiful act of submission that could have led in wonderful directions. And.. oh yeah.. it was totally hot.

BTW – good touch induces trance. Someone in trance is open to influence. But remember – they can FEEL your intent. So if you are slimy, dishonest, or have bad intentions (that is negative in regard to consideration for her) it will shine through and you will lose the effect. And you will give someone a negative experience which you should never endeavor to do.


And… if you want a more direct explanation, catch up with me at an event and I will SHOW you what I mean 🙂