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Erotic Hypnosis - From Ahhh to Ohhhh

This course is the result of me taking my years of erotic hypnosis experience and distilling it down into short, simple lessons where you learn how to enhance your intimate connections and bring more pleasure into your life.

Most people go through life on autopilot. A daily routine that goes on unless you break the cycle. And what happens during this time is that you can become self-absorbed and miss out on all of the little opportunities to have meaningful interactions with those around you. This includes the most important people in your life. Enough time goes by like this and you could find yourself no longer feeling the passion in life or wondering what else life could hold if you were in some other place or time.

What if you could help someone get out of that cycle and notice how good life is? What if someone could break you out of the negative patterns that you’ve built over a lifetime? What if those someones were you and your partner?

I took my first hypnosis class over ten years ago on a whim. A new hobby. But shortly after using it enough to become proficient, I realized that this skill could be so much bigger than anything I’ve learned before. It can be applied to anything. You don’t need to be sitting in a chair or lying on a couch. You don’t have to be inactive. You can use this for an amazingly interactive experience like nothing else.

Since I’ve learned how to do this I’ve changed in so many ways that there’s no going back. Each year gets better than the last. I’m confident in my ability to provide such an amazing experience to someone else that it changes their life. I can create a powerful, intimate connection with someone that is truly meaningful.

And you can too. I made a video showing a taste of everything I teach in this educational series. I enlisted the help of my friend Amy. I met her at a social event a few years back. I was describing what I do and she was instantly curious. She’s the adventurous sort, so I arranged to show her and her partner some fun ways to use hypnosis. Her first experience was powerful and she went on to help me by demoing for me when I present at live events. We have great rapport and show our playful nature here for all to see. Enjoy!

What can you expect to learn here? I provide the framework to apply these techniques to every aspect of your life (Not just the sexy part). At it’s core, this is about creating an incredible connection with your partner. And… finding new and wonderful ways to provide them with an amazing experience.

This comprehensive program includes 20 videos leading you through every step in a simple, easy to follow manner. After watching just a few videos you will be ready to take the first step and lead your partner into trance. And, of course, that’s where the magic happens. Each teaching step is followed by a video demonstration of me working with Amy so you can see what it looks like and have a starting place to make the material your own.

Here’s what Julie from California had to say about the program:

We find it helpful for a restful sleep, to minimize things that happen in the night (cat on the bed, routine noises, etc.), to help ignore slight discomforts (routine aches and pains), and to take each other on fantastical journeys. I have felt the waves lapping at my feet, tiny fish nibbles on my leg (I felt this for real once), slipping through the ocean like a dolphin, flying on a magic carpet, flying on our own, feeling weightless. We both feel that it’s such a gift to share this with each other.

And then there’s the sexy part! And it’s a big deal. I know many women often want sex, but can’t get their brain/body in sync, and it’s so frustrating! Hypnosis has been a such a welcome discovery.

Enjoy life more. Have an adventure. Powerfully connect to your partner.

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