Dark Odyssey Winter Fire

This was my third year for Dark Odyssey Winter Fire. I expected to just go for the fun of it, since I had not heard from them about my presentation proposal. The event and hotel were booked. Then, I received a happy E-mail message asking if I’d like to teach. There was a presenter cancellation and they wanted to know if I could help. Hmmm…. Of course!

I love this event. Dark Odyssey puts together 4 gatherings each year. This is my favorite. It takes place in a fantastic hotel in downtown Washington, DC. So downtown, that it has a view of the capital. To think all of this kinky shit is going on right next to the capital building (as opposed to inside it). This is a full hotel takeover, which means that Dark Odyssey books the entire hotel for the event (and a second one for overflow since the host hotel usually sells out the first day registration is available). Thousands of kinky people descend on Washington, DC for 4 days of debauchery and sleepless nights.

I taught two classes this year. My standard intro class (renamed to match my VIDEO PRODUCT) and a new class called “Group Trance Experience.”

The intro class is a sampler of what is possible using hypnosis in a non-therapeutic, playful fashion. I like to think of it as “edutainment” since its teaching and fun wrapped up into an hour and a half of sexy. I almost always use a demo girl because I like to be sure that people can easily see the experience being had by my trance partner. In this case, I was lucky enough to have my phenomenal demo girl, Alison. Alison is hyper-suggestible for me and I can get nearly any trance effect from her without actually “doing hypnosis.” I like to open my presentation by using an instant arousal trigger (“Horny Girl”), then do a 3-2-1 countdown to orgasm. Yes – I take her from her normal state to orgasm in about 10 seconds. One of the many lovely things about Alison, is that she is extremely demonstrative in her reactions. It leaves no doubt that she actually just had a powerful orgasm (one that most would be envious of) with no preparation. On top of that, she can do this over and over for minutes at a time. And while the orgasm is shocking and attention-getting, its not the entire focus of the class. Everyone gets to learn about hypnosis and trance. They get to see what a session looks like (albeit an abbreviated one) and they get to ask me and my demo girl questions. My goal is to remove the fear and misunderstanding around hypnosis and get people curious about it enough to give it a try. Its not difficult to learn (my video training is 22 bite-sized videos) and gives people another way to have fun and enhance the things that they already do.

The group trance class was something new I wanted to try. I did a brief intro into trance and hypnosis, similar to the other class. Then I did a simple group induction with some deepeners. I taught the class how to relax and focus, then gave them a trigger so they can relax on command in the future. I then took them into a simple pleasure state and reinforced it a few times. A mental trigger was set so they could re-experience that state whenever they wanted. The class was a success – everyone got to have an experience and the room was nearly full.

What about the rest of the event? Hmmm. Fun. Yep.

I got to see some of my favorite kinky friends and spend quality time with them. I also got to meet some new people and have fun with them as well. I spoke with a pro-domme who was interested in what I do. We had some great interactions, but due to our schedules we did not get the opportunity to dive any deeper. I got to do a very hot session with someone new, while teaching her boyfriend some advanced hypnotic techniques (he was already competent at hypnosis for play). Unfortunately, she had someone in her past that set some triggers and then abused them; thus breaking her ability to experience them again. So I used some fancy stuff to get around that experience and re-train her to orgasm on command. She was already capable of having some very intense hypnotic effects, but the instant orgasm was broken by that previous dick-head. When we were done, she was glowing happy and her boyfriend got to ask questions about the new trick he learned.

The other memorable session I did was a two-on-one (hypno DP I like to call it) where there are two hypnotists working with the same person at the same time. It works best (in my experience) if there’s a lead hypnotist and the other person is backing their suggestions. In this case, the subject was the other hypnotist’s wife. A super cute girl who has some obstacles to arousal. The session was quite long and it turned out super sexy as well. We didn’t quite get her to touch-free orgasm, but she was able to climax with some assistance. And this leads to an important teaching moment. Physical interaction can strengthen the outcome of suggestions and increase the power of related trance activities. In this case, she was able to bring herself to orgasm while in trance. Over a few sessions, this should become easier until she is able to get there without the touch. Everyone goes at their own pace, and its okay. The hypnotist should strive to remove performance anxiety and just have fun without pressure to perform for either the hypnotist or the subject. And that’s where the magic happens.

Winter Fire was a resounding success – both in terms of class feedback and my own personal experience. I love kink events. The people are adventurous and open. Its quite possible to meet someone and be doing a really incredible session with them later the same day (or even immediately sometimes). For budding erotic hypnotists I highly recommend giving one a try!