Dark Odyssey Fusion

I had the opportunity to present four educational sessions at Dark Odyssey Fusion. This is Dark Odyssey’s big summer event (over 1000 attendees) held each year in June. The purpose of this article is to provide an account of the interesting life of a kinky hypnotist and to draw out some important teaching information for people interested in hypnosis.

The four classes I taught this year were: Intro to Erotic Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Power Exchange, and a two-part hands-on class that allowed attendees to learn a hypnotic induction and do some fun stuff with their partner involving sensation and pleasure. Classes at this event are 90 minutes in length.

Day one (Thursday) I taught Hypnosis for Power Exchange. In this class I show how to use arousal and pleasure to shape behavior. It is a lecture/demo format, so I explain how hypnosis works and demonstrate the different things I discuss. After a short introduction, my attention-getter is to demonstrate instant arousal and orgasm with my demo girl (from “normal” resting to orgasm in about 20 seconds without “hypnosis”). Once the body and mind are trained to react, you can get any response you trained for without the hypnosis part. It’s helpful to show that you don’t have to be in a particular setting or go through a ritual to get powerful reactions. There were some really fun people in this class who I met up with later.

Day two (Friday) I taught my intro class. Attendance was really good (the space was filled) and I had some repeat attendees from the previous day. After class, I spoke with someone about doing a session. This person was MTF transgender (post op). I was curious if I would find any difference working with a transgender person since I’ve never done that before. She wanted to explore arousal and sensation enhancement. It was a lot of fun and she responded just like any girl would – including multiple orgasms on command. One of the things I love about this event is the openness of it all. Most people are so adventurous and friendly that you find yourself having the most interesting times in interesting places. We did our session in the open field beside the vendor area. Here’s a girl moaning and having the height of pleasure in a relatively busy thoroughfare and it seemed “normal.” I’ve grown to love my normal…

The teaching moment here is that you should do things with people who are not your normal type. If you can have powerful effect on anyone, you become overwhelmingly better at what you do. And you discover things about yourself along the way. I have a bit of a learning fetish. I love to learn new things and meet new people that are different from my friends and associates. Your life will be richer if you take opportunities to truly interact with others and find out about them.

Friday evening was a highlight of my event and something I was greatly looking forward to. I met this beautiful Russian girl a few years ago and I saw her at these events where she showed up in many of my classes. I made plans to play Friday evening with her. There’s an area in camp called “Sexorama” where there are three large tents side-by-side with futons and mattresses for people to have sexy time in public. So… I got to do a really hot erotic session with one of the most attractive people I’ve met. The eastern European accent gets me every time! She’s been listening to my voice in class for so long that it took no effort at all to get extremely strong responses from her. We mostly worked with arousal, sensation, and orgasm – but with a D/S (Dominance/Submission) twist. I was a very happy camper that night!

The session with the Russian girl provides my second teaching moment. Working with someone you find highly attractive can be daunting. It’s a type of performance anxiety. It’s easy to put a lot of importance on the session going as-planned. Mine did not go as-planned, but it went very well. She recently broke up with her Dom of several years and was still emotionally raw. Initially, she wanted some help with that, but then determined quickly that she was not ready to deal with it. So – we kept it light and playful. Don’t be afraid to change directions to have a positive outcome. I’ll get to help her some other time. She became emotional almost instantly when we started to walk down the path of working with her breakup. She told me that she immediately became aware of not being ready to deal with it. So we shifted to something fun and it was magnificent.

Saturday is when it got super busy for me. I took part in a morning abduction. That may require some explanation. There is an abduction crew at this event. People can arrange to be abducted and have things done to them. In the case of the one I was involved with, a woman I met earlier in the year requested that I take part in this fantasy. I got to play an evil, mind-controlling hypnotist, funny enough. I met with her partner who was arranging all this for her. I was given parameters on what was OK and what was desired. So… she was abducted by 3 men on Saturday morning, hooded and dragged to the dungeon where she was shackled to a wooden chair. I was the only one who spoke to her for the entire scene. Using my verbal skills to give direct suggestion and say things an evil mind-controlling hypnotist would say to someone who was captured to be used as a lab rat to experiment with pain and pleasure. While it all seems contrived, it is quite the vivid experience for the abductee, with real fear and shock. Please note – this is an example of consensual non-consent. She provided parameters ahead of time and had an arranged safe-word with her captors. Other than that, the details were created on the fly. My job was to be the voice, while the others did more physical things to her. When the scene was over, after-care was provided by her partner. It was reported to me later that she loved it and I performed perfectly. The lesson – state control again. I’m usually the kinder, gentler hypnotist. This allowed me the chance to be something else and to be part of someone’s vivid experience. Yes… I’d do it again!

I taught part one of my hands-on class (hypnotic induction). Again, the class was really well attended. My Russian girl even showed up with someone she came to the event with. She later told me it was a struggle to be hypnotized by him because every time she heard my voice it focused her on me. That said, she hypnotized him and it went really well for her. I had a surprise for this class. An Iranian girl I met last year showed up with her boyfriend. She is amazingly attractive (and knows it) and she likes to play with people in a cat-and-mouse kind of way. So – another lesson on state control. She walked into class, locked eyes with me and sauntered up to the front row. Then sat down and proceeded to use her leg position to further distract me in a Sharon Stone kind of way. I admit it. I’m a weak man. I lost my train of thought several times. But it was worth it! We made plans to meet Sunday at “sexorama.”

I had plans to get together with a lovely Egyptian girl Saturday evening. This I did and it was a blast. I had met her last year at an event and we’ve gotten together twice now. Great rapport. Fun person who is super smart. Another example of the great people I meet doing this crazy shit.

And… Finally… Sunday. An important player in this event for me was my demo girl. She is someone that is truly a wonderful person inside and out. She assisted me with my classes and also helped me get around the event. When I travel, I use a wheelchair because I can only walk and stand for short periods (I have MS). My demo girl is a self-identified service submissive. In other words, she likes to take care of people. She finds great satisfaction in providing service to someone that she respects. I’ve known her for a few years now and she is highly responsive and loves hypnosis. She likes to tell the story of how she thought hypnosis was total bullshit when she first came to me. I did a session with her friend, who recommended she do one as well. It turned out spectacularly (to the tune of something like 4 hours) and she’s been hooked ever since. I gave her my Sunday morning to show my appreciation and our session was really good (therapeutic in nature).

After this, I squeezed in an erotic session with someone I’d been promising to work with. She was highly responsive and easy to hypnotize. I gave her some tools that she can use in her everyday life. She likes to be called a “good girl,” so I attached feelings of accomplishment to that phrase. The other tool she liked was the “sensation dial” where she can imagine a dial that turns physical sensations up or down. I also gave her several powerful orgasms that caused her to make a huge mess of sexorama (she had multiple, squirting orgasms).

My last class was Sunday afternoon which was hands-on part two. Here, the attendees learned how to set a reinduction trigger (something used to hypnotize someone very quickly), create a pleasure trigger, and play with physical sensation. There was plenty of fun times and some of the couples had spectacular results. I had a repeat of the prior day with a different person this time. There was a very attractive woman in class with the most amazing eyes and an incredible direct stare. Did I mention she was super well-built and completely naked? Threw me off a few times I admit.

After class I met with my Iranian friend. Sexorama again. This time it was full. Nothing like doing hypnosis while surrounded by people having sex in a variety of ways – a couple in one bed, a MFF threesome over in the corner, a MFFF foursome right beside us that included some rather rough handling of the male anatomy (They call this CBT in the kink world and it has nothing to do with computers). So the hypnosis was not nearly as effective as it could have been, but we had a great time.

Thinking my event was over, it turned out I still had one more session in me. The female partner of the transgender person I worked with on the first day wanted to do some stuff. We found a quiet place in the grass and started. Then, not long into the session, there was an abduction and multi-person sexual encounter right beside us. Very loud and at times pretty humorous. We laughed and it wound up being a long, rambling session that was more therapeutic than erotic. But she was happy with the outcome and we could laugh some more at what happened to our “quiet space.” Sometimes you will have to deal with distraction that pops up out of nowhere. It happens. Have fun with it. I find that when I joke about it, it becomes less of a big deal. Another important tip if you plan to do erotic sessions with someone: Find out what their sexual preferences are. It’s easy to make heterosexual assumptions only to find out that you were wrong while painting a vivid scenario involving the incorrect sex. If you’re working in the kink scene, this can be a big deal and people there tend to be much more gender-fluid than you find in the “normal” world. Depending on your normal. Maybe it’s time to make a new normal…