Behavior Engineering

A new book has just been released that I think is worth sharing. “The Ellipsis Manual: analysis and engineering of human behavior.”

I had the opportunity to be part of a very small group of people with early access to the material in this book. All I can say is… wow. I’ve never seen a more comprehensive work on advanced hypnosis and influence. The author, Chase Hughes, has been studying and applying behavior engineering for both private and government applications. He explains in meticulous detail how to apply both simple and complex techniques to direct others and not only get what you want, but improve the lives of those around you at the same time. The more I dig into this, the more amazed I am by what he’s included. I can safely say that if he ever does a public-accessible live training, I’ll be the first in line. Here’s a link to check it out, read the Amazon info and reviews, and get a copy for yourself.